Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Summer Reading Books for 2017 Incoming Second Graders

Book title:    Magic Tree House: Fact Tracker Heroes For All Times

Authors:   Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce

*There are two different covers for this book, but the following is the latest cover.

*Questions will be posted within the next week

School Supplies for the Incoming Second Grade : 2017-2018 School Year

The following  supply list is for the students that will be in second grade starting  September 2017.

Rising Second Grade (2nd grade in September 2017)


-3 marble notebooks (no spiral notebooks- label only with name)

    (one for Reading/ELA, one for Religion/Science, one for Social Studies)

-1 graph marble notebook for math (Label only with name)

-6 folders (plastic ones only please- can be bought in the school's supply room- label only with name, also you can reuse the ones from this past year).

-pencils (no mechanical pencils)


-1 pack of color pencils ( No markers)

-1 sharpener that keeps trash inside

-2 Pencils cases (no plastic boxes) 

*one pencil case for regular pencils , erasers, sharpener. The other for color pencils.

-2 rolls of paper towels

-2 containers of bleach wipes

-3 reams of white copy paper

-2 tissue boxes

-2 packs of graph paper

-2 packs of looseleaf

-1 glue stick 

-one 12 inch ruler 

*All students need a bookbag. Since students move around to different rooms, we suggest getting a sturdy rolling bookbag.

*Also, we usually require 6 notebooks instead of 4. We will try 4 notebooks ( 2 that wil share subjects) , but please beware that could change as the year starts  and kids work in the notebooks. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017



-Students are to be in their regular uniform, as there will be a photographer taking pictures for the school's website. 

-In the afternoon, there will be an of school year party. If you are in second or fourth grade look at the homeroom teachers page to see what to bring.

-Look below for third grade- If you purchased something for the party prior to reading this, then just stick with that. 

Last names that start with : A-D :juice or water (no soda please)

Last names that start with E-L: cookies and donuts: 

Last names that start with :M-Z: chips 


-As of now regular uniform. 

-Award assembly at 1 pm in lunchroom


-Students must wear dress up clothes as we will be attending the 8th grade graduation as a school community. (no jeans).

-Dismissal at 1 pm. 


Students entering Second Grade 
Magic Tree House: Fact Tracker Heroes for all Times
Authors: Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce

Students entering Third Grade 
The Blizzard!: The Storm that Changed America
Author: Jim Murphy

Students entering Fourth Grade
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
Author: Robert C. O'Brien, 1986
Ms. Larios will be sending this book home with students on the last day of school - June 28th

Students entering Fifth Grade 
Ellis Island: New Hope in a New Land
Author William Jay Jacons
Mrs. Ramsey will be sending this book home with students on the last day of school - June 28th 

Title I Summer School

The Title I extended year program will begin July 5th and runs until August 3th This is for those students who were sent a letter a few weeks back.

Monday, June 12, 2017



1.HOMEWORK SCHEDULE is as follow;
         Monday and Wednesday : Mrs. Bagley and Mr. Badia
         Tuesday and Thursday : Ms. Saville

2. VOCABULARY WORDS - Words are given in class with definition, but they could be found in the links at the end of this post, in case any student has missed the words.

3.MATERIALS: ALL students need at least 3 sharpened pencils. If they have mechanical pencils, then they need to bring their own lead.

4.Map of the Month: The first of the last 3 maps was collected May 12, the 2nd map was collected May 26 and students missing maps at this point were reminded that they would be collected this week as well although they are late. The last map was given on Friday May 26 and they will be collected on Thursday June 15.

-June 15- last map of the month is due
-June 16- No school
-Week of June 19-22 Final exams
-June 23- no school

6.Scholastic books: Flyers will be sent home periodically for students/parents to order books that they want. If any of the books we will need during the year are listed there I would ask for that book specifically. Otherwise it is a personal choice if you want to order. If you want to order books outside of the time I place  orders you can CLICK HERE TO BE DIRECTED TO SCHOLASTIC WEBSITE and then click on yellow section to connect with teacher and enter class code: LJ8KK. There were no flyers sent this month, but you can check the website and use the class code to order and it will ship for free to the school.


2nd and 3rd grade will have a science quiz this week on Thursday.  Check out details on the homework post for June 14, below.

8. Students in third and fourth grade have been using Google Classroom very often, please help them remember their username and password. Login information should also be written at home in a safe places along with the login information for Achieve, IXL and I-ready. Although second grade is only using this sometimes, they also have usernames and passwords.

Username:first initial last name Example; John Smith would be

Passwords: everyone's password was set to olqmnyc1, but it might be different if your child changed it.

9.ACTION PLAN: Students with action plans need to continue working on the lessons, There are 4 lessons to be completed each week. The lessons are being checked on Monday morning for completion. By FRIDAY JUNE 16, THEY WILL NE CHECKED IN THE MORNING AND LIST OF STUDENTS NOT DONE WITH THE 40 LESSONS WILL BE SENT TO MR.WOODS.


2nd grade:
Reading: Complete the "How do you measure motion?"
Science:Complete the "use the Chart" worksheet

Third grade:
Science:Complete the "Interpret data" worksheet

Fourth grade:
Social Studies:Copy the notes from the link below onto your social studies notebook.
Click here for notes to copy.


Second grade:
-Reading/science:Use the notes that you copied last week (and are still available at the link posted in last weeks post) and study them. Quiz will be given tomorrow Thursday June 15.

Third grade:
Science: Review the chapter 7 review work , there will be a quiz on this tomorrow June 15.

Fourth grade:
Social Studies:Review the notes given at the beginning of the week . There will be a quiz on these notes tomorrow June 15.